Southern Connecticut State University


If you are interested on learning more about SCSU, you can take a look at their website by clicking here.

Student Information

Total Enrollment: 9,719 Students
Undergraduate Percentage and Number (Full Time): 81% → 7,893
Graduate Percentage and Number (Full Time): 9% → 893
Male to Female Percentage: 27% / 63%
Student-Faculty Ratio: 14:1
Acceptance Rates: 64.6%
Average Cumulative GPA: 2.9
Average GPA in Criticals: 2.9
Average SAT (Old/New): 1393 / 1020

School Information

Type of College: 4 Year Public College
Yearly Tuition Only (In-State/Out-of-State): $10,537 / $21,995
Majors: 125
Total Clubs/Organizations: 150+

Major I'm Interested In

The major that I am interested in at SCSU is the Computer Science major. I chose this major because I have always loved computers and always wondered how they work and is made. I also always wondered what you can do with computers when you put it to it's full extent.

Student Organizations

A student organization that I would like to join is the Computer Science Club. I am also interested into joining the Digital Production club.

Pros and Cons

A fortunate pro for Connecticut residents is that the price is greatly reduced from the out-of-state tuition fees. A con is that SCSU is not as high in education as in UConn.

My Thoughts

Southern Connecticut State University is not that bad of a college overall. There are 225+ academic programs in the school so there is a lot of oppertunity to be doing academic practices with these programs. A lot of my friends have also given positive ratings and recommendations towards this school. I like this school.